What comes next after a cast for a torn ligament in your ankle?

PT. Physical thrapy to rehab the ankle and tendons.
Physical Therapy. Assuming everything healed well, pt is your next step. Likely you have had some muscle atrophy since being in the cast, and you need to strengthen your lateral ankle to minimize the chances of this injury happening again. If the ligament did not heal appropriately, you would likely be looking at surgical repair/reconstruction.

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I hurt my ankle 9 weeks ago, pain swelling. Doc said torn ligament put in air cast for 6 weeks. Took off, swells immediately and more pain. What's nex?

PT or MRI. The ankle sprain that does not improve often either needs physical therapy or an MRI. PT helps reduce pain, improve motion, strength and function. MRI can uncover all the sources of pain, and at times, changes the treatment options. If I can be of further assistance, then join my care team and virtual practice: www.healthtap.com/dr-ClarkeHolmes. Read more...