How will natural remedies like nasal sprays help my allergies?

Different types. There are many different topical nasal therapies (sprays) for allergies and most are medications that are extremely safe and effective. Most are classified as either topical steroids or antihistamines. The topical nasal application for allergies that everyone would classify as natural is saline or salt water. This can be used in the nose as drops, spray, or most effectively as a rinse or flush.
Cromolyn. Nasalcrom, an otc nasal spray, contains cromolyn, an herbal drug purified from the khella plant (ammi visnaga). Khella grows by the nile & was used by ancient eqyptians for its medicinal properties. Khella resembles queen anne's lace. Cromolyn is an effective drug for allergic rhinitis & conjunctivitis, has a great safety record, & is not chemically altered in its manufacture. It's truly natural.