What is acid-fast bacilli?

Mycobactera. It refers to a type of stain used to a identify bacteria, and means the bacteria hold on to the stain and appear red under the microscope. The most common acid fast bacilli. (AFB) are mycobacterium, of which the most famous is m. Tuberculosis. There are also non-tuberculous mycobacteria, and non-mycobacterial acid fast organisms that aren't bacilli (rod shaped organisms.).

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My biopsy report say, show foreign body & langhans type multinucleated gaint cells.-ve for malignancy, zn stain -ve fr acid fast bacilli. Wat treatment?

Of what. Sounds like a granuloma without caseation. Could be tb, fungal infection, non-tuberculous mycobacterial, or no infection like sarcoid. Was it cultured and what was biopsied?
What is being. Described is something called a "granuloma" which may be a reaction to and infection, or a strange reaction called "sarcoid". While not specific, it is not showing cancer.