How should people with milk allergies get enough calcium in their diets?

Natural Alternatives. Non-dairy foods naturally high in calcium include tree-nuts, tahini paste, curly kale, okra, fish such as sardines and whitebait, steamed tofu, apricots and figs.
Nondairy foods/supp. Other beverages like almond milk, soy milk and some oj's are supplemented with good amounts of calcium. If using vitamin/mineral supplementation, i prefer calcium citrate forms. And don't forget about vitamin d3.
Calcium in OJ. You can also easily find calcium fortified orange juice. If you still need more then calcium carbonate or calcium citrate supplements are palatable. Consider atso supplementing with magnesium in order to avoid muscle cramps.
Calcium rich food. Nondairy sources of calcium include: •salmon •tofu •rhubarb •sardines •collard greens •spinach •turnip greens •okra •white beans •baked beans •broccoli •peas •brussel sprouts •sesame seeds •bok choy •almonds.
Supplementation. Orange juice and soy milk (if soy is tolerated) are often supplemented with calcium, usually to the extent that a glass of orange juice is similar to a glass of milk. A glass a day should provide adequate calcium for dietary needs. Alternatively, you could take calcium supplements as a vitamin.