Itchy and painful white circles on feet that are not raised and it is just a white outline. Not white all the way through. Come and go rapidly.?

Athlete's foot? It sounds like athlete;s foot or tinea pedis. Try an over the counter antifungal. The pain is a slight conern as tinea pedis is not generally painful...However, if it is a blistering variety it can be......
Athletes foot. It sounds like you may have dried blisters from athletes foot. They can itch and burn. They usually pop up with multiple other tiny blisters that may clump together and form larger blisters. Over the counter antifungals should help. If this does not sound like what you have you need to someone actually look at the circles.
Blisters. It sounds like you may have had blisters on your feet that have dried up and now the skin is peeling off.