Infrequently I get blurry vision. All I see are these white floaters that have tons of glare. Optometrist says my vision is normal. Not sure if I agree?

Vitreous floaters. Vitreous floaters can induce the symptoms you complain of. What you require is a full medical eye e4xam with dilated pupils performed by an ophthalmologist (medical eye specialist) who can elucidate and explain your symptoms.
Second Opinion. Many young patients are aware of floaters. Vision may be normal, but we (docs) can't accurately assess floaters and their effect on vision. Too many doctors try to visualize "your" floaters, but this is unrealistic. Individuals can not see their own vitreous, but the examiner (the doctor) can see all of your vitreous. Also, most docs uncomfortable talking about floaters, thus you are "normal.".