I'm a virgin&my entire vaginal hole area is super sensitive? My bf can't finger me or have sex because it feels very weird and im so sensitive. Normal?

Not usual. When you are sexually aroused, stimulation of the genital area is usually a pleasurable sensation. It it isn't, check with a gynecologist to be sure there is no infection or anatomic problems. If your exam is normal, you may want to see a sexual counselor to explore if there are psychological or cultural reasons for your response.
Super sesitive vagin. You need more foreplay, may be lubrication in the beginning and ask your bf to be gentle and patient. With foreplay the vagina gets moist and the opening opens if it does not work, see your gynecologist.
See your obgyn. It sounds like your symptoms are normal, but it is good to be examined by a professional to see if there is any blockages.