I am a virgin, what if my bf penis is too big to fit into my vaginal hole? Will I just stretch or is my vaginal area going to rip?

Hard to say. Most virgins have a rim of tissue surrounding the opening of the vagina called the hymen. Sometimes the hymen has been stretched or broken by the use of tampons or some sports but sometimes it is too tight for the penis to fit through. Then intercourse may result in a small tear which may bleed like a paper cut. Once the hymen has been transversed, the vagina is quite stretchable.
Rip. There is a membrane (a thin layer of tissue about the thickness of a paper towel) called the "hymen" usually at the vaginal opening. If you are properly lubricated by sexual arousal this should be penetrated by minimal discomfort. Your "vaginal hole" is very stretchable, and if your" bf", with protection is slow and gentle this should go O.K. If your "bf "doesn't get what I am saying:e-mail me.
Yes. If your boyfriend is gentle and you are well lubricated the vaginal opening can stretch quite a bit (like when having a baby) if you are unable to relax, or he's too fast, you could tear. Using tampons and your fingers to stretch the opening before having sex may help as well. Good luck!