I had my last period on may 8th, I have taken 3 pregnancy tests. One positive and 2 negative, could I still be pregnant?

Be seen. It's been two months and you have one positive pregnancy test. It's time to be seen so this can be confirmed because, if you're pregnant, you need to start prenatal vitamins and get established with an obstetrician for prenatal care/labs, etc.

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I had sex a week before my last period. Had my period, but still took pregnancy tests a week and two weeks after. Both were negative. Are they correct?

You are not Pregnant. Yes. Of course they are correct. You had a period. This means you did not get pregnant. You do not need to do home pregnancy tests in this setting. In the future you also do not need to worry about getting pregnant with sex AFTER you have ovulated. You get pregnant from sperm left in the vagina earlier in your cycle on the five days BEFORE ovulation. Read more...

Positve pregnancy test hello I had 6 (+) home pregnancy tests all different brands even the cheapest one from the 99cent store. When I wend to my doctor he said my test was negative. But my breast hurt and my last period was 3/9/12 any advice? Could the d

I . I might wonder about possible operator error. The pregnancy tests must be done exactly as directed on the box. For instance, if you read if after the designated time, then it can read as positive even though it isn't. Another issue, if read after a time delay is that there can be a faint gray line that is from where urine dries, but a person might read it as positive. These are the only answers that i can think of. Read more...