Why is hypertension a factor in causing chronic renal failure?

Scarring. Hypertension is one of the leading causes of kidney failure.Hypertension causes scarring in the kidney which leads to decreased function.
HTN and CRF. Renal failure is one of several complications of longstanding hypertension which has not been adequately treated. It does this by damaging the kidneys so that they don't function properly. Once renal failure has occurred it may not be reversible, but strict control of blood pressure can slow the progression.

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Can chronic renal failure cause someone to feel faint all the time?

Md. Faintness may indicate many problems 1. Low blood pressure 2. Anemia3. Drug effect 4. Low sugar if you are diabetic. Several electrolyte problems ocur in chronic renal failure .It is best to discuss with your physician. Read more...

Help plz! Can polycystic kidney disease cause chronic renal failure?

PKD. Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) can cause both chronic and kidney failure. PKD is a progressive disease that can lead to end stage renal disease in most instances and will lead to chronic in all patients. It is unfortunate that there is not cure for PKD and the overwhelming majority will wind up with end stage renal disease. Read more...