Why could I be experiencing increased appetite, fatigue, mild nausea and sore breasts after a miscarriage?

Hormonal effects! The rapidly changing hormonal levels in your body are likely to blame for your symptoms, along with psychological effects of your recent loss and your attempt to cope with its consequences.

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I'm 7 days dpo. This past wk I've been experiencing mild nausea, dizziness, more fatigue, constipation, smell sensitivity, really sore breasts. Help?

Any new meds/herbs? Well, to start with, you could do a home pregnancy test, or just skip that and schedule an appointment with your physician. A thorough history is needed, plus some lab tests to rule out the above, anemia, low thyroid etc. these may also be due to some fluctuations in your estrogen/progesterone level- early premenstrual symptoms, although they are pretty severe for that. Some meds/herbs can cause. Read more...

Had skyla inserted now 2-3 weeks later extreme bloating, increased appetite and sore breasts. HPT negative. Is this normal?

Yes. Skyla contains progesterone. If it is absorbed systemically, it can make you feel a little bit like you are pregnant. Its not common to have these symptoms on Skyla but it can happen in rare cases. Best wishes! Read more...