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What does it mean if I experience heart palpitations (pvcs) every time my body temperature increases--showering, exercising, eating, etc?

It may be normal. Reaction if any other symptoms associated or if you have any risk factor for heart disease. Looks like you already now it's pvc's. I had the same problem just after aerobic exercise. A stress echocardiogram recommended by a cardiologist. Neg results. And I still have some pvcs. Consult your primary care doctor.

What are symptoms that are considered an emergency with heart palpitations?

Other symptoms. If the palpitations make you short of breath for more than an instant, or you pass out or get very woozy, or if they are accompanied by real pain. These make it worth the medical workup. Your first step is going off coffee if you feel you can do this.
Several. Chest pain, shortness of breath, sweating, lightheadedness, fainting, sense of doom. If it seems serious, go to the er.

For the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing the listed symptoms but today was the first day the heart palpitations begun im just feeling wrong!

No list. Your question does not include a list of symptoms. Heart palpitations can be of many causes, but are most often due to harmless extra heart beats. See your doctor and he can evaluate your symptoms further.

Could heart palpitations be a symptom of myelofibrosis?

That is possible. Severe anemia can result from myelofibrosis and the anemia can result in your heart beating rapidly and more forcibly so the answer is yes.
Possibly. This would not be an early sign of this problem. As you know, this condition can cause an anemia and this could cause your heart to beat faster, but your would have to be very anemic to experience palpitations. If you are concerned get it check out by your doctor.