When is the best time for me to initiate therapy with inhaled steroids?

Understanding asthma. Be sure you know you have asthma and what your specific symptoms are. Asthma is not always audible wheezing or tightness in the chest. A plain cough can be an asthma equivalent. Asthma is not just from an allergic stimulus but can also be from physical elements such as cold and velocity of air over the airway.Steroids do not work as well in physical asthma triggers. Consult your md to clarify.
Persistent asthma. Asthma is an inflammatory condition triggered by genetic & environmental factors. Once asthma is diagnosed, the severity is determined by how often it causes symptoms as well as lung function tests. For asthma that is persistent (symptoms > 2x per week), inhaled steroids should be started. If asthma subsides and causes symptoms only intermittently, the steroids may be decreased or discontinued.