What is a mini stroke? Does it mean that something is wrong with the heart?

Possibly. Mini-strokes are colloquially thought of as transient ischemic attacks, or tias, which are neurologic deficits that may resolve over a relatively short period of time. Although these are commonly associated with disease of the blood vessels feeding parts of the brain, some may be a result of clots forming in the heart, e.g., sluggish contraction with blood sludging or atrial fibrillation.

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28y man. Hi stress job. Hx mini stroke >4y ago. Anxiety episodes Recent onset-sharp pins/needles feeling in heart, wkness, s/b. lasted >30s. Thoughts?

Generalized anxiety. or panic disorder, but these symptoms and clinical correlation with the setting certainly sound like that may be the case. If you continue having palpitations and sweats, the best way is to see a healthcare provider to rule out organic disease. Once you are determined not to have actual heart or lung disease, or infection, then you will need a psychiatrist to help manage stress/anxiety. Read more...