What exactly are bruxzir crowns?

Milled ceramic. A Bruxier Crown is a CAD-CAM milled Lithium Disilicate all ceramic crown which is incredibly hard and very much like teeth structure. These restorations are quickly becoming the primary type of crown placed in the USA. If you get one for yourself, ask that it be polished and not glazed, as it will be kinder to the opposing teeth. These crowns can also appear very esthetic and lifelike!
Full zirconium crown. Bruxzir is the brand of a crown made of solid zirconia. Most traditional crowns are made of a porcelain layer (tooth colored) and a metal underneath the porcelain. Over time, the metal sometimes will show or may give the gums a dark color. There are also all porcelain crowns which do not have any metal but are more like to fracture than a bruxzir crown. The bruxzir crown is also tooth colored.
Durable crown. It is a type of crown that is milled out of solid zirconia. Other crowns can have a metal substrate that can cause the crown to have not as natural a look, depending on its location in the mouth. Most crowns for front teeth are made of porcelain that will be more aesthetic. The downside of a bruxir crown is that all zirconium crowns currently have more opaqueness than is wanted for front teeth.
Solid Zirconia. It is a crown that is made of zirconia which is a fairly new material for dentistry. It is extremely strong (better than porcelain) and can be made very thin so less tooth has to be taken away than a porcelain crown. It is more esthetic than metal crowns as well. I have used many and i like them.