What could the cause of my oral hairy leukoplakia?

Concerns. Oral hairy leukoplakia can be associated with the epstein-barr virus, and is a common finding in patients with hiv. The lateral border of the tongue affected most commonly. Have an HIV test. There are other "hairy tongue" diseases, so rule out oral cancer, yeast infection as well.
EBV. Hairy leukoplakia is associated with epstein-barr viral infection. In many cases the patient has a defect in their immune system.

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Can a yeast infection cause Oral hairy Leukoplakia?

May appear like it. Yeast infections or candidiasis, also referred to as thrush can certainly appear like hairy leukoplakia. Your dentist or health care provider can perform or order a fungal stain to determine if you have candidiasis.
Not likely. It may resemble thrush, but the patches are usually softer than leukoplakia patches. If a patch looks suspicious, your dentist will do a biopsy for definitive diagnosis. Hairy leukoplakia can appear in people whose immune system is not working well.

Can you get thrush or oral hairy leukoplakia just from common EBV or does there HAVE to be a major condition associated that causes it? I'm scared

Unrelated to EBV. Oral thrush, the overgrowth of candida albicans in the mouth, results when the host immune system can’t maintain its natural defense against the fungus always present in small numbers. Normally, the immune system depends on the common oral microorganisms to keep Candida under control. Use of antibiotics, or infection with HIV can result in thrush.

What are the early stages of oral hairy leukoplakia?

See a doctor. See a physician who is familiar with your condition or a dentist who specializes in oral medicine.
Hairy leukoplakia. Hairy leukoplakia is a white patch that develops on the tongue or inside of the mouth that cannot be wiped away. It is called "hairy" because it is fuzzy looking, having folds or ridges. It is often mistaken for oral thrush hairy leukoplakia is usually seen in people with depressed immune systems such as hiv/aids.

Can you get oral hairy leukoplakia from kissing?

Yes Can get. Possible seen in HIV infection, mononucleosis (Epstein Bar Virus) is not premalignant, like the leukoplakia as seen smokers.
No. Oral hairy leukoplakia is just a hyper keratitis disorder, not contagious.
Unlikely. Hairy Leukoplakia is not contagious. This condition is rarely seen in patients not infected with HIV. If concerned, see your PCP for consultation.

Can I have oral hairy leukoplakia without hiv?

Yes. Hairy leukoplakia is often seen in association with HIV infection but it is not specific vfor HIV. Get checked for both.

Is oral hairy leukoplakia death sign of hiv? I'm scared and want to know if there is any possibility to have OHL without hiv

Leukoplakia. Yes, if no risk factors for hiv.
Listen buddy. Please forgive my frankness. Oral hairy leukoplakia is uncommon even in HIV infection, and you would have to have had HIV for at least a couple of years. You'd also have other evidence you were sick. Plus, HIV is anything but a death sentence nowadays. This morbid thinking is unworthy of a man who's almost through his teens and soon to be an adult. Your physician can help you get back into control.
Probably not OHL. I think you've been reading too much information on the internet, without real understanding. Several things that can cause various marks on the tongue in addition to hairy leukoplakia. Without HIV, OHL is a minor condition. Even with HIV, it's definitely not a "death sign". HIV is rare in 19 year olds in the US. Even w/ at "hi risk. See doctor or dentist, and expect a reassuring response.

Would smooth oral hairy leukoplakia (unconfirmed) appear 4 months after possible HIV exposure? Perio said looked like regular leukoplakia. Scared.

Biopsy it. Any lesion is best diagnosed with an actual biopsy and not a visual guess. Then you know exactly what you have and what precautions or treatment is indicated. Don't be scared, just have it biopsied. Personally, I think it's better to know than to worry about possibilities. If your periodontist doesn't want to have it biopsied, ask why and consider seeing an oral surgeon for a second opinion.
Leukoplakia=Unknown. Leukoplakia is a clinical description of a "white" tissue--not a diagnosis. Leukoplakia is common after exposure to several viruses. See your dentist for a biopsy and diagnosis.

Expert opinions? Which is the difference between oral lichen planus of the tongue and oral hairy leukoplakia of the tongue?

Hairy Leukoplakia. Is caused by the epstein barr virus and is seen in people with hiv. It is a variant of leukoplakia. Lp has no cure and is poorly understood. It may resolve on its own and the cause is unknown.