What could be the cause of skin colored bumps on my scrotum?

Sebaceous Cysts. Most likely they are normal sebaceous cysts (also known as epidermal or pilar cysts). The picture is an extreme example, however, you can see that sebaceous cysts tend to be smooth nodules or bumps, while genital warts tend to be irregular, bumpy or flat nodules or bumps. You should see your doctor to be sure.
Genital warts? This sounds like genital warts (caused by hpv virus). I would have your doctor check this out for treatment. Also, these are contagious and some types of genital warts are caused by hpv types that are associated with increased cervical cancer in women. If the bumps are genital warts, please notify your significant other (male or female) to have themselves evaluated.

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I have this itch on my crotch above my genitals. Nothing on my penis or scrotum. They are small skin colored bumps and turn white when itched, help?

Possible fungal inf. The most common cause of groin itch is the fungal infection similar to athletes foot. There are many products in the pharmacy( over the counter, no prescription needed) which can be very useful. Try tinactin (tolnaftate) cream. But there are numerous products, powders, sprays, ointments and creams.My preference is for creams made for athlet' foot. If you donot improve in 1 week, please see a dermatologist. Read more...