How does aids affect the immune system?

Hits white bld cells. The HIV virus (leading to aids) attacks and destroys a critical white blood cell of the immune system: the "cd4+ t-helper" cell. With these cells knocked out, the body's immune system is crippled and left unable to fight off infections which would ordinarily be easily handled by a normal immune system.
HIV/AIDS. Aids is the final stage of hiv. Hiv is the disease that destroys cd4 helper t-cells in our body. Aids is just the final stage when HIV has won and overwhelmed the immune system. There are so many good treatments, you must see your infectious disease specialist to be placed on appropriate HIV therapy.
Kills CD4 cells. In simple terms, HIV infection leads to the destruction of cd4 cells, which are a specific type of immune cell called a t-helper cell. They are a type of white blood cell, which helps to fight infection. As HIV infection progresses to aids, the cd4 cell count drops, which puts the person at higher risk for a variety of infections and malignancies associated with aids.