Why does your IgE level increase when you have asthma?

High IgE more asthma. Ige is a type of antibody with a pivotal role in allergic conditions like asthma. Each ige antibody is specific for a thing - dust mite, cat, pollen or peanut. On mast cells throughout the body ige receptors bind ige. If an allergen like cat dander enters your body combining with ige that recognizes it on lung mast cells the result is asthma. Increased asthma risk associated with high ige levels.
Asthma Control. Agree with previous answer explaining "allergic tendency" or "atopy" and the role of ige in disease expression. If asthma is not controlled despite high dose inhaled steroids with/without long acting bronchodilators, level of ige and presence of year-round allergen sensitivity may also be used to determine your candidature for monoclonal antibody - omalizumab. Please check with your allergist.
Allergy. Ige is the allergy antibody. It is elevated in individuals with allergy. Allergies are a common cause of asthma. The tendency to have allergies is called "atopy" and is a function of genetics. An atopic person, when exposed to things that cause allergies, makes specific ige antibody against that substance. For instance, someone allergic to cat will have high ige antibody to cat.

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Can allergies developed at the age of 17 outgrown. Ige level 302 while normal is till100. Absolute eosinophil count 410. Breathlessness is it asthma?

Yes. Allergies can develop at any age. While your numbers are elevated, they are not so bad that you need panic or run to er. Call your primary care doctor or an allergist so you can discuss your specific symptoms, have a good check-up that focusses on areas involved (for instance your lungs) and then any tests, (breathing, blood, etc) that can enlighten both you and doc as to cause of symptoms and tx. Read more...

My sons ige levels are 167and also has enlarged lymph nodes in his abdominal area he has no allergies or asthma and no one can seem to tell me what's?

Symptoms? By themselves, these test results are not at all concerning. The total IgE level is slightly elevated, but well within "normal" range as this fluctuates for persons with and without clinically significant allergy. Lymph nodes also fluctuate in size depending on immune system activity and other factors. If he has specific symptoms, that could help us point you in the right direction. Read more...