What are the best foods to start with when a child has just received an orthodontic appliance?

Soft foods. For the first few days after orthodontic appliances are placed, you may want to concentrate on softer foods: pasta, rice, potatoes etc. No chewing gum, gummy bears, candy apples and things like that. After a few days, you may resume a more normal diet...But use good table mannors. Cut food such as steaks into small pieces.
Soft. Initially a soft diet is best. Teeth are frequently sore when orthodontic appliances are placed and forces are placed on the teeth. Avoid hard, tacky, sticky and chewy foods and snacks.
Soft foods. You childs teeth will be sore, so anything that your child will have to chew less and not bite down hard on is better. Soft foods such as pb&j sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, soup, etc, are all good foods to start off with.
Soft. If there is some discomfort from braces, then a softer diet is recommended. Soups, jello, softer sandwiches and other foods that don't require lots of repetitive chewing or that are hard or sticky. As your orthodontic specialist for a list of food restrictions.
Protein. Soft high protein diet (i.e.: hamburger instead of steak). Soft foods, because teeth will be sore for a while. High protein to provide the body with the building blocks it needs to reshape the bone and gums around the teeth. And while braces are on avoid hard, sticky, chewy foods so as not to damage braces (slows down progress).
Soft foods. Teeth can ache after having an orthodontic appliance placed, making hard foods especially painful to chew. Soft, easy to consume foods or soups are more comfortable to eat.