What are some possible causes for stiff joints?

Arthritis muscles. You evaluation will investigate whether you have arthritis and what kind or if you have another diagnosis such as bursitis, tendinitis or myofascial pain.

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What causes joint stiffness?

Good question. Inflammatory arthritis is often though of first, but even poor sleep can cause morning stiffness.
Multiple. Multiple potential causes including arthritic and inflammatory conditions within the joint and contractures of soft tissue structures around the joint.

What health condition can cause joint stiffness?

Arthritis. Can be early signs of arthritis. Possibly gout, rheumatoid, psoriasis, response to an injury, etc... See ur phys for proper eval and reccs.
Arthritides. Inflammatory and non inflammatory.

What caused joint stiffness/swelling just in the mornings?

Arthritis. Can be early signs of arthritis. Possibly gout, rheumatoid, psoriasis, response to an injury, etc... See ur phys for proper eval and reccs.
Rheumatoid arthritis. That would be the most common. Can be osteoarthritis or other inflammatory arthritides.

Can a bite from a brown recluse cause joint stiffness & pain?

Spider bite? Yes. These bites cab cause infections and reactions to the spider's venom. Do not delay in being seen by your doctor.
Yes. Also localized tissue death and cellulitis and can lead t death if not treated. It is the most dangerous & deadly of all spiders.

What could cause sudden onset of joint stiffness and pain in the feet?

Arthritis. The most usual cause of pain and stiffness in a foot is degenerative joint disease, or loss of the joint cartilage. In the early stage, this may not be noticeable unless you have walked or run much further than usual. As the condition progresses, it may begin to hurt more frequently and adjustments should be made to shoes for extra cushioning and support.
Many Things. Gout, nerve entrapment, trauma, tedonitis more info on the symptoms would help with better answer.

What causes the joint stiffness after a sports injury?

Depends. On injury. Generally the tissue around the joint, including tendons and ligaments are injured making movement more difficult. Additionally, swelling may occur which will also cause stiffness.
Scar tissue. You may have arthrofibrosis (scar tissue), within the joint. Sometimes it can be treated with medication, and sometimes it requires surgery, to remove scar tissue.

What causes joint stiffness/aching/swelling only in the mornings when I first wake up?

Inflammation. Morning stiffness in joints, especially if symmetrical, is caused by inflammation. Workup by rheumatologist is recommended.
Arthritis. Early sign of rheumatoid arthritis is stiffnes and swelling in am that takes two hours or more to resolve.
Arthritis. Is main cause of your symptoms. Check with doctor may want you on nsaids.

Hello docs! Can you tell me what could cause joint stiffness in my hands?

Arthritis. Classically, rheumatoid arthritis presents w/ stiffness in the finger joints, and sometimes pain, in the morning esp. See a rheumatologist for evaluation and " rheumatoid profile" lab work-up. Good luck!