My brother has been suffering from schizophrenia for the last 6 yrs, and he is on risperidal (risperidone) 6mg per day. Is there anything else we can do for him?

Other rx. Get him into a good group therapy program. Get him voluntering or maybe a job if he can handle it. Get him on a regular daily schedule. Talk to his doctor about all of this. Find a good self help group, try the nami chapter in your area.
Schizophrenia. What else you can do for your brother depends on how well he's feeling and functioning with his current treatment.The Risperdal dose is significant, but there is still room to adjust it as needed.Depending on the level of symptoms, many schizophrenic people are able to work, have relationships, attend/graduate from school, etc. Your brother's psychiatrist would be best able to answer your question.