Is it possible for a hand fracture to be missed on an x-ray?

Sure is. Fractures in the hand can be subtle. Generally 3 views of the hand are needed to accurately assess the presence or absence of a fracture. Some fractures that are not displaced might only become apparent on xray after 7-10 days. Features of hand fractures include swelling, deformity, and point tenderness. If a question exists, see a hand surgeon.
Definitely. There are quite a few subtle fractures of the hand that can be easily missed on the first round of X Rays. It is only when X Rays are repeated in a few weeks then the signs of a healing fracture are seen. A fracture of the scaphoid bone in the wrist is pretty well known for being missed initially. If there is clinical suspicion, a CT scan can be organised to confirm or rule out a fracture.

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How likely is it to miss a hand fracture on an x-ray? Should you wait and get another x-ray?

It depends. It depends on the type of injury and type of fracture. If the pain persists, especially on the area you touch (point tenderness) repeat x ray in 7 to 10 days or MRI is recommended.
Happen frequently. Frequently a hairline fracture will not show until the body has had a chance to react by absorbing dead bone along the fracture or forming new bone outside of the usual cortex causing the line to widen on x-ray or new bone to show.

Dislocated finger 4 days ago pain down hand to wrist pt is 60y could fracture been missed on X-ray if so how long before follow up?

Whether it is a. Fracture, a fracture dislocation or a dislocation proper evaluation and follow up is essential. Call someone today and get seen soon. Don't decide when to follow up let the specialist who views your records and xray report let you know when they want to see you and go then. By calling today you give them the best opportunity to help you.
Soon. If you haven't already, I would seek the advise of a good hand surgeon (plastics or ortho) who can advise you on the care and treatment as well as what to expect while your finger heals. Sometimes dislocations do not go back into place without surgical intervention.