I have numbness in my feet and I think it is because I am diabetic. What should I do?

See a doctor. After an exam he may want to order some tests to evaluate the nerves and determine if you have neuropathy.
Get checked . If you think you may be diabetic get checked out. It can cause numbness in the toes and feet. More importantly you need to find out if you are diabetic.
Talk to your . Internist, endocronologist, or podiatrist. It sounds like you have diabetic neuropathy. Depending on the severity, it is possible to have it reversed. Evidence based medicine has shown metanx which is a vitamin containing l-methylfolate, b6 and B12 to increase epidermal nerve fibers and improve neuropathic symptoms.
Get evaluated. If the symptoms are due to neuropathy, topical capsaicin may be helpful for some, while others may benefit with oral medications. Watch you sugar intake, and have your vitamin b levels checked and supplemented as necessary. Consult with your physician for an appropriate plan of care.