How long should I wait to eat spicy foods after getting wisdom teeth pulled?

3-4 days. It is recommended to avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and smoking for the first few days. You'd should avoid spicy also ingredients or tomato sauces that might cause stinging or irritation in your injured gums.
24 hours. Twenty four hours is usually good enough for spicy or hot food.
Wisdom teeth. Typically one should wait at least a week to eat spicy foods after having their wisdom teeth extracted. Two weeks is more safe, heat can dissolve the protective blood clot that forms in the socket after the tooth is extracted. If the blood clot is removed or lost, then dry socket may occur, which can be very painful. The longer you wait, the safer you are.

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How long should I wait to get my wisdom teeth pulled?

Depends. If your dentist has recommended this because of a current problem, then do so quickly. If recommened as part of a good preventative strategy, then you may plan for a convenient time. For example, if you're a student, you may want to wait for a school break to allow yourself time to heal after the extraction procedure.
Not long. If you are having any symptoms such as pain or swelling, it is advisable to have this taken care of fairly soon. Infections involving wisdom teeth can get serious very quickly. If you are not having any symptoms, talk to your dentist or oral surgeon about whether they need to come out or the appropriate time to take them out.
As soon as. . . Wait until your surgeon has an opening on his schedule. Kidding. At the age of 31, you should have the wisdom teeth removed if they are a problem or contributing to a problem or potential problem. Your dentist and/or surgeon can provide you with recommendations to remove or not remove after an examination with the appropriate x-rays have been performed.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled out today around 3pm can I eat already? I'm thinking mashed potatoes not sure if I have to wait longer

Wisdom teeth. You just had a procedure follow the directions of the person who performed the procedure - what do those instructions say?
Directions. What does it say in the written directions pro video to you by your specialist Oral Surgeon. Please read and follow directions carefully. Know that a soft high protein diet will help healing, but not until the appropriate time. If still unsure, call your Surgeon.

How long do I wait to get an oral piercing if I had wisdom teeth pulled? And should my parents pay if they want me to use pro to do it?

Body piercing. Why do you want/need to do body piercing in the first place? Like tattoing, you can contract an infection that can be dangerous like hepatitis a or b.
You should wait. Wait forever, don't get the piercing! They actually can easily cause damage to oral tissues and teeth. Sometimes to the point that a tooth needs to be removed! I obvioiusly don't recommend them. Not what you wanted to hear but the truth.

I'm wondering how long should I wait to drink coffee after getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

Drinking after ext. For the 1st hour bite on gauze then you can drink anything right away do not swish and do not use a straw you can start rinsing 24 hrs after the ext.

How long should I wait ro drink beer after getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

Give it a few days. Depending on the complexity of the extraction you may want to hold off. The more complex the longer you should wait.
After pain meds over. After you stop taking pain medication. A single beer is not a problem but multiple alcholic beverages and additive to the effects of pain medications.

I work as a stocker constantly bending and lifting. How long should I wait to go back to work after I have my wisdom teeth pulled? I was told 2 days.

Everyone's different. Each wisdom tooth extraction is different and how a patient feels post operatively is different. Many people go back to work the next day, others after a day or two. Don't know how difficult the extractions are... maybe you should ask your oral surgeon for a more precise answer.
When you are ready. The extraction of impacted teeth is a serious surgical procedure and is not completely risk-free. Pain and swelling following surgery is usually at its worst 24 – 48 hours after surgery. After that it should subside more and more every day and after 7 days stop. If no complications resume normal activity whenever you feel comfortable and ready.

How long does it take to get your wisdom teeth pulled?

That varies. Depending upon whether you have IV sedation, the number of teeth, the degree of difficulty and the expertise of the surgeon. I usually schedule 1 hour for my patients and use only local anesthesia and nitrous oxide\oxygen analgesia (laughing gas). Sometimes I'm finished sooner. I would say 1 to 1 1/2 hours on average, longer for recuperation if IV sedation. Ask your own surgeon.
Depends. The actual surgical time may depend on the position and development of the teeth, the type of anesthesia used, where the procedure is performed, as well as the skill and technique of your doctor performing the procedure.