How long are you contagious for when you have pink eye?

Pink eye. Once the pink eye is fully treated (usually 3-5-7 days) the infection should be eradicated and so long as the hygeine is good there should be no problem.

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For how long are you contagious when you have pink eye?

10-14 days on avg. 10-14 days on average and it's possible to reinfect yourself if you are not taking precautions. You should wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitizer, avoid touching your eyes, dispose of any contaminated eye makeup you may have used while infected and avoid shaking hands with others to avoid passing on the infection.
49 days. The most common cause of pink eye is adenovirus. If you have this, studies have shown the virus can survive for up to 49 days on hard surfaces. People tend to still actively shed the virus for a few weeks after the symptoms have gone. Disinfect with lysol and wash your hands frequently during this period.