How do anabolic steroids work?

Long or short answer. Short answer is that Anabolic steroids cause growth (as opposed to androgenic steroids that make you masculine or corticosteroids & mineralocorticoids which do neither but are still important in our health). Long answer is that testosterone affects receptors inside cell, stimulating replication (growth). Check out www. Sportsci. Org/encyc/anabster/anabster. Html.

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Can you tell me how anabolic steroids work?

Same as testosterone. The body produces testosterone and similar steroids during puberty in men to increase muscle mass, hasten sexual maturation of both the anatomy (penile and testicular enlargement, sperm production) and sexual desire. Synthetic Anabolic steroids do essentially the same thing but can be far more potent. They also increase prostate cancer, depression, psychosis, heart trouble and other nasty stuff.

Can you tell me how can anabolic steroids work?

They are hormones. That are similar to hormones the body makes to help increase muscle strength and growth, mainly testosterone and its derivatives. Boys and girls produce about the same amount of these until puberty, when it markedly increases in boys, which is why they have different kinds of muscle development. Synthetic steroids do the same thing, just more so. They also have major toxicity and dangers to health.

Can oral spray anabolic steroids work?

Maybe. What do you want them to do? Can they increase your androgen level so that your testicles are shut off, you become dependent on them, and infertile? Yes. Are they illegal for use in athletic performance enhancement? Yes. Are there any studies demonstrating long term safety or efficacy? No. If you fool with mother nature, mother nature will bite you in the a.....

What exactly are anabolic steroids? What are they, how do they work in the body, and which sports people use them?

They are chemicals. That are produced by the body, more in males than in females, including testosterone and a bunch of similar steroid molecules (like DHEA), which increase during puberty in males (less so in girls) to increase muscle mass, change distribution of fat/muscle, and cause sexual maturation. Synthetics have been made that mostly increase muscle mass. They are dangerous &cause liver and mental problems.

Are anabolic steroids safe?

No. The list negative effects is long, including both short and long-term effects. The short list is aggression, manic episodes, acne, alopecia, increased risk of tendon tears, liver dysfunction, liver cancer, hypogonadism, decreased sperm count and mobility, gynecomastia, increased risk of prostate cancer, hypertension, cardiac hypertrophy, and case reports of sudden death. Those are the highlights.

Why are anabolic steroids banned?

Because of abuses. One of the public forces that drove govt to "ban" Anabolic steroids was high-profile athletes, some of who 'professed' never to have used them, were proven to be 'guilty'. Soit was 'secret', 'illicit' +not above board. Much use was 'amateur' and not managed by competent physicians. Doctors in general were either negative, uninformed of legitimate usage, or both. The media had a profit heyday.
Bad health. They cause serious poor health issues as shrunken testicles, enlarged prostate, breast development, erectile dysfunction, reduced sperm count, severe acne, high blood pressure and strokes http://www. Health-today. Org/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/sz1.gif.

Is it okay to use anabolic steroids?

Significant risks. You've heard of anabolic steroids. Those are the steroids people abuse in sports, and performance enhancement. You certainly will bulk up, run faster, gain strength and size. However, there are serious medical side effects which come along for the ride. Psychiatric disturbance is also a potential side effect – roid rage. Steroids should be prescribed and monitored by a competent physician.
I'd urge you not to. I've been around gyms for decades. Among the ordinary fitness-guys that I know who've tried them, all have said they were sorry. The emotions are the worst. You may do something impulsively that you regret horribly for the rest of your life. Tapering may cause depression bad enough to land you in the mental ward. Your balls shrink. Most women prefer a naturally fit man and can tell you aren't.