How dangerous is the surgery for achalasia?

Overall safe. Operations for achalasia include the standard laparoscopic approach, and a newer approach without incisions called per oral endoscopic myotomy (poem). Both are performed under general anesthesia, and are safe, but do carry risks that although are uncommon, are also unpredictable.
Quite safe. Provided you seek an experienced surgeon. There are always risks with any surgery, but a laparoscopic myotomy is quite safe.

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Wouldnt fixing Achalasia by surgery result in acid reflux in esophogus?

Maybe (answer #5) See prior HealthTap answers on this subject. Fixing achalasia is often combined with an anti-reflux procedure to avoid just what you fear.

Achalasia patient. I'm told that I need the heller myotomy surgery, but I'm hearing about multiple people getting a 2nd or 3rd hm. Why is this?

Achalasia. Aloha. Surgery for achalasia can be tricky. Sometimes the myotomy is inadequate requires a revision. Sometimes the workup for achalasia is incomplete and the heller might not be the right operation. Sometimes the esophageal dysmotility is so bad that a heller isn't enough and an esophagectomy is required. Lots of possibilities. You need high res manometry & also go to an experienced surgeon &.
Complex. There are multiple reasons a myotomy may fail, including not a long enough myotomy. Since the esophagus is never normal, there may always be some symptoms. Per oral endoscopic myotomy - poem is available in japan, china, and increasingly so at several centers in the us. Hope this helps!