How can I relieve my anxiety before a flight?

More info needed. More information please. What is the basis for the anxiety? Fear of flying? Fear that you will miss your flight? Fear of meeting someone at your destination? There are a number of good websites that can be helpful. For example: http://www.Anxietyandstress.Com/fearofflying.Html i love this one: the risk of dying in a plane crash = risk of dying by taking a bath.
Anxiety beforeflight. I understand your concern. Prior to taking a flight, see a psychiatrist for Therapy for: • Stresses at work and in relationships • anxiety symptoms including flight anxiety • Effect of anxiety on your functioning • Coping Skills for stress • Discuss taking Ativan or Xanax 1 hour before the flight • Do not mix it with Alcohol • Breathing and Music Relaxation • Visual Imagery • MeditationYoga.