How can a blood test tell a doctor if you have a fatty liver?

Liver enzymes. Elevated liver enzymes can be a sign of fatty liver (and this is common), but this typically has to be confirmed because there are many things that can cause elevated liver enzymes. Usually an ultrasound or ct will confirm large amounts of fat deposits in the liver.
None specific. There are no specific tests for fatty liver. The cause of fatty liver may produce abnormal lab results, such as in alcoholism, and metabolic syndrome.

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How can a doctor know if u have a fatty liver by a blood test?

Imagining & biopsy. Blood tests may point to a risk for fatty liver, but are not diagnositc. Ct and/or MRI may suggest fatty liver, confirmation needs a liver biopsy.

Would my dr. Call me if my blood test was positive for hepatitis? I have a fatty liver. My doctor doesn't want to see me for weeks though. Scared.

Local Problem. None of us here would know the norms for your physician. My patients are given their entire results the day after the visit by email. It is very unusual for any physician not to communicate lab and other test results in a timely manner. But this is not for us to solve. This is for you to communicate with your physician about. None of us know the lab results and would never guess.
Yes. In general your doctor should be calling you to discuss all your test results, regardless of positive or negative. Some doctors that are busy will just not call if tests are negative. But that's not an excuse as how does the patient know his tests were reviewed. You have a right to see all your test results and have them fully explained.

Abnormal liver function test on blood work very slightly out of range? Gp said simple fatty liver how can she tell with jst blood test? I'm book for US

Need workup. This is best repeated off alcohol. If they're back to normal, that's your wake-up call to stop once and for all. If not, you'll get checked for hepatitis B and C, hemochromatosis, Wilson's, autoimmune hepatitis, and maybe a few others. If still high, this may be your liver's way of telling you to get back into that fitness-focused lifestyle you enjoyed as a teen.
NASH or fatty liver. She says that because it is the most likely diagnosis. If you are not an alcoholic & don't have Hep C. It can evolve into NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) which can cause cirrhosis. But usually over years. Risk factors for fatty liver are really high chlolesterol or Triglycerides, obesity, pre or overt diabetes, or low thyroid. Diet & exercise are the usual tx. Do the US & the other labs.

Which levels of what blood test prove someone has a fatty liver?

Liver enzymes. Sgot and SGPT re liver enzymes that are very sensitive to inflammation of the liver cells or hepatocytes.
Not blood tests. Ct and/or MRI may suggest fatty liver, confirmation would need a liver biopsy. Blood tests cannot diagnose fatty liver, though blood tests may point to a risk for fatty liver.

What blood test results indicate fatty liver?

Liver ultrasound. Liver u/s or ct scan show fatty liver easily. You also usually see elevated liver enzymes- SGOT and sgpt. Usually is due to obesity, or heavy drinking, or even hepatitis.

Should blood test come back normal if you have been told you have extreme fatty liver?

They can. Fatty liver (steatohepatitis, and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (nash))once was thought to be "not that bad" but we now recognize it as a serious liver problem. Common in folks with diabetes/cholesterol problems. It is common to pick it up because of abnormal liver enzymes on bloodwork; however those labs can be normal, too. Worst case is normal labs because the liver is badly damaged/cirrhosis.
Liver test. Fatty change can happen in the liver from a varity of diverse causes and most liver function tests may remain normal or mildly elevated if there is no associated inflammation or fibrosis.
Can. If the liver isn't actually inflamed, the liver enzymes (which indicate acute liver injury, not "function") will be normal. Trust your radiologist to diagnose marked fatty liver accurately, and seek an underlying cause (smoldering hepatitis c and the metabolic syndrome are both life-threateners.).

I have fatty liver resulted to my blood test result 84.6 <45 (alt/sgpt) & 49 <42 for gamma-glutayl transferase (ggt). Is this curable?

Fatty Liver. Usually fatty liver is a consequence of increased body fat, diabetes, or alcohol consumption. Reversal of those precipitating causes can reverse the fatty liver effects. A very small fraction of patients may progress to cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver if the cause of the fatty liver is not addressed appropriately.