Does pulmonary rehabilitation prolong life in people with copd?

It may. The data on longevity are weaker than the data supporting increased quality of life, fewer hospitalizations, and overall happiness.
Not really... The only thing proven to impact mortality rates in COPD is oxygen therapy, if the oxygen level is low. But, pulmonary rehab will definitely help with symptom control and quality of life so it is definitely worth pursuing.
Hasn't been shown to. Pulm rehab is very good at improving functional capacity in people with COPD (important) but has never been shown to prolong life. Few therapies will - quitting smoking, providing oxygen for select patients with demonstrated low oxygenation, lung reduction surgery in a very small proportion of patients, and lung transplant.

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Could pulmonary rehabilitation prolong life in people with COPD?

Unknown. The jury is still out on this question. We definately know that pulmonary rehabilitation can improve quality of life but it is unknown whether it improves quantity (years) of life in patients with copd. Read more...
I don't think so. I don't think it has been shown that pulmonary rehab can prolong life. But, it does definitely improve quality of life and breathing symptoms. I am a big proponent of pulm rehab. Read more...