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Are my sluggish symptoms an underactive thyroid or normal ageing?

See your doctor. Sluggish symptoms are not normal at any age. Please consult your doctor so that a treatable condition is not missed.

I got an underactive thyroid at 13 years of age I am now 20 my meds vary from every test they are always changing but never below 150mg is this normal?

Hypothyroidism. The levels of replacement hormone for patients with this condition is dependent upon the chemical assessment of the need for thyroid replacement, as measured by TSH levels and sometimes other values. These may change from time to time, but a good endocrinologist or pcp should be discussing the reasons for change with you. If they are not, perhaps you should seek alternative care.
Several problems can. Cause this easier to tell you how to prevent problem 1. Don't use armour thyoid 2. Do use brand name synthroid (thyroxine) 3. Always take synthroid (thyroxine) first thing in am 1 hour before eating or taking other medicine.

Can you suffer from thyroid storm if you have an underactive thyroid?

No. Only if you severely overdose on your thyroid replacement pills can this happen but then you will be hyperthyroid and not hypothyroid anymore.
No. Thyroid storm is a condition exclusively related to hyperthyroidism, which is the opposite of hypothyroidism.

What's the expert opinion, could the Atkins diet help you to lose weight if you have an underactive thyroid?

No. Brand name T4 replacement and getting your thyroid level back to normal will help. Then it's just eating fewer calories than you burn off -- just like everyone else. Avoid diets with names on them, learn to eat healthy for your own self and for the rest of your life.

Starting to try for a baby but I have an underactive thyroid. Any advise? Things to do and not to do?

Pregs and hypothyrd. For starters get your thyroid going. Pregnant woman's thyroid hormone requirements go up by 30-50 percent. That means if you are on thyroid meds your dose needs to be increased by that much.

Even though I'm tested for my thyroid and levels are normal, I never seem to feel any better. Is this normal? I have an underactive thyroid.

Other causes. These symptoms can be due to a lack of daily exercise, insufficient quality sleep sometimes due to obstructive sleep apnea, side effects of medications, depression, and other underlying illness besides thyroid problems. Thyroid problems are fairly common but not more common than all of these other reasons for feeling poorly. If your thyroid levels are normal, ask your doctor about other causes.