Without eye drops what are some ways to relieve red allergy eyes?

Flushing with water. Washing the eyelids with lots of water or using a contact lens solution to rinse the eyes can be very helpful when your eyes are really itching and watering. Cool, wet towels on the eyes can also relieve some of the itching. These may not give complete relief though, and that's the time when you need medicine.
Antihistamines. Although not as effective as eye drops, oral antihistamines may offer some relief for red itchy watery eyes.

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What are the best eye drops for itchy allergy eyes?

Depends. Some people have itchy eyes from irritants & dollar store eye drops/artificial tears wash will do fine. That can also work for some allergic eye issues by washing out the pollen/etc. Allergan makes an OTC "Zadator" which some find helpful. There are others but some try several before they find one that helps and fits their budget.

I was wondering what are the best and fast relieving eye drops for itching allergy eyes?

Eye allergy. Over the counter, alaway ; zaditor are safe for long term use. Other eye drops are fine for short term as long as you don't have issues that would Prohibit you from use of decongestants. Besides allergen avoidance, tear replacement to help with dry eye, and good eye wear protection, patanol/pataday, optivar, bepreve, elestat, and Lastacaft (alcaftadine) are usual choices. Some burn or tingle with application.

My eyes r always red I have allergies. What can I do to clear them up. I have use eye drops and they make them redder. Help?

Red eyes. If an infection has been ruled out because of your red eyes see an allergist and get tested to find out what you are allergic to. Once tested you will be able to institute environmental control to help your condition.
Eye allergies. Try zaditor (ketotifen fumerate), an opthalmologic antihistamine OTC. A bit pricey, but effective for allergic conjunctivitis. Otherwise, a doctor can prescribe pataday or other prescription antihistamines if zaditor if ineffective. Not all antihistamines work well for everyone, unfortunately.
Anithistamine. Have you tried any antihistamine allergy meds, such as Claritin, (loratadine) allegra or Zyrtec? These are usually the first choice for allergy symptoms, and are generally very safe.

Chronic red eyes, no medication has helped, got prescribed eye drops and allergy medicine. Doesn't see to help. Is it allergies or something else?

Red eyes. Some people have very superficial conjunctival blood vessels naturally. These can be temporarily constricted with vasoconstrictor eye drops but the effect is short term followed by an exacerbation of vaso-dilation. Surgical techniques with stem cell implantation is being tried, which is still experimental. Most causes of red eyes are associated with irritants. Common cause is dry eyes.
More info. It could be dry eyes or blepharitis or other cause of red eyes. It says you take synthroid (thyroxine) so a condition called thyroid eye disease could also play a role. I wold recommend frequent lubrication drops (artificial tears) every few hours and if there is no improvement in a couple of weeks then see your eye doctor.