Can a pinched nerve cause heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis?

No. A pinched nerve can cause pain in the back of the heel and bottom of the heel.
No. Pinched nerves will not create these problems. If the way you walk is altered enough from the nerve pain, you may develop a tendinitis or heel pain as a result.

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Heel spur on back of foot &below back of foot. Achilles tendinitis visible bump on the side opposite of the ankle. Been years. Pains unbearable. Help?

Sick Achilles. Your comments sound like the findings of a previous x-ray exam. I'm not sure what is meant by "bump on the opposite side of the ankle". If it is in the Achilles tendon, then extreme pain, could make sense. It sounds as though there is something amiss with your Achilles tendon. It would make sense to immobilize the ankle, and begin non-weight bearing until tendon imaging studies can be performed.

If you have Achilles tendonitis can te pain just throb and not go away and you not be able to put pressure on your foot without pain? I have been diagnosed with a calcaneal spur and the doctor say that te spur is what is aggrevating the Achilles but the

Sounds. Like you have two different problems. A posterior calcaneal spur can irritate the achilles.
Achilles tendonitis. The pain comes from the body's inability to repair the injured tissue. Facilitating healing depends on increasing blood flow to the tendon, stimulating innate healing mechanisms, unburdening the immune system and correcting mechanical faults in the foot with an appropriate orthotic. This is addressed by a functional medicine protocol.
See below. If the spur is on the back of the heel at the level of the achilles tendon, then it may need surgical removal if conservative care is not effective.

I think I have Achilles tendonitis what are the symptoms it is very painfull and I have a strong burning sensation in my heel area?

Heel pain. The two leading causes of pain in the heel area are either achille's tendonitis (this pain is usually clearly located above the heel bone and directly over the tendon as it inserts into the heel bone) and plantar fasciitis with or without a heel spur (this pain is usually felt just below the heel bone itself and slightly anterior to it (the plantar fascia).
Yes. Achilles tendinitis is very painful and will last long time you must see foot and ankle specialist.
Possible nerve pain. Achilles tendonitis will cause swelling in the back of the heel where the achilles attaches to the heel bone. If the pain is sharp and extending into the heel you also have to rule out some form of nerve pain.

I have pain at the back of my heel, little above the arch. And I have pain in the morning. Especially the first few steps. Is it Achilles tendonitis?

Not clear. By ur description of Sx, pain in am and just behind the arch, it sounds more like a case of plantar fasciitis. It really depends on whether the pain is on the bottom of the foot or rather on the top of the heel bone where the Achilles attaches. People with PF (very common) tend to have am pain as all nite long the plantar fascia on the bottom of the foot shortens while the foot is plantar flexed.
Plantar Fasciitis. Pain on the bottom of the heel near the arch which hurts in the morning is the classic symptom of plantar fasciitis, which differs from achilles tendonitis. There are many excellent treatments for this and I recommend you see a podiatrist for evaluation and treatment.

Doc told me I have Achilles tendonitis. Last couple of weeks my heels has been painful and burning need some help on what to do?

Stretch. Typically achilles pain is from lack of flexibility combined with some life or lifestyle change. The problem with both the hamstring and calf muscles is that they cross two major joints. In the case of the achilles, it it the knee and the ankle. Therefore, achilles tendonitis is typical in people who sit too much, then try to be upright and active. Stretch hamstrings and calves 3-5x per day.

Back of my heel gets a sharp prickly feeling when bending over & leaning forward at the waist feels really weird could it be Achilles' tendonitis?

Oh my aching....... That certainly sounds reasonable. Try bending your knees while doing the same maneuver and see if the symptoms are the same of lessened. To remove all doubt, have your leg examined by a orthopedic, physiatrist, podiatrist or a good physical therapist. They may be able to offer you suggestions on how to relieve your symptoms.