Can a girl get genital herpes if her male partner uses a condom and is in medication to treat his herpes?

Lesions there say no. Herpes infectious in all its forms (cold sores, genital and shingles/zoster) is contagious as long as the rash is present, and the sores are healing. Even with a condom, if lesions are present the chance of spread is high. Best to avoid even protected sex as long as male has any sores, new or healing. And caution as any contact such as oral sex can cause spread as well.

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Can a girl get genital herpes if her male partner uses a condom and is taking medication?

Less likely. Condoms should generally protect you from genital herpes being transmitted to you by your partner, but condoms do break, they can leak around the edges, few people use them 100% of the time, and if he performs oral sex on you, you can get it that way.

I'm a girl with genital herpes. As long as my partner use a condom and I take my medicine will it be ok to have sex?

Not always. If you have herpes lesions present, you are infectious. A condom will not prevent it because herpes lesions is usually on the skin. Herpes is spread via skin to skin contact, not semen or vaginal fluid. Even if you don't see or feel lesions, you may still have them and could infect your partner. Your risk of that is much lower though.
Herpes Transmission. Vaccines that can prevent a genital herpes infection are not currently available. But research has shown that an hsv-infected person in a heterosexual, single-partner (monogamous) relationship who takes the antiviral medicine valacyclovir daily to prevent recurrent outbreaks also reduces the risk of infecting his or her partner. The addition of a condom further decreases the risk of transmission.