Are there any good home remedies for morning sickness?

Morning sickness. Go for a liquid diet. You may find it easier on your stomach to emphasize liquids over solids when morning sickness is at its worst. Get your nutrients from bouillon, juices, and other liquids. (confirm that this approach is okay with your obstetrician first.).
Ginger tea/candies! Morning sickness is the reaction your body has to Hcg (pregnancy hormone). Some ppl get the same reaction to TSH if they're hyperthyroid. You can start getting nauseous at 4 wks, w/ peak symptoms at 6wks, usually stopping by mid-2nd trimester. Natural remedies are ginger (tea/candy), vit B6. Rx: Metoclopramide/Reglan, hydroxyzine, benadryl, phenergan, (promethazine) and zofran are all good methods to try.