What are the symptoms of increased intracranial pressure?

Intracranial pressur. Individual with increased intracranial pressure usually complain of headaches and may have vomiting, blurred vision, and horizontal diplopia. The headaches are diffuse, worse at night, and often aggravated by sudden movement. Less common complaints include irritability, transitory visual obscurations, dizziness, and tinnitus.
Altered MS. Altered mental status that can progress to coma and death. Pupillary changes or asymmetry.

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What are the symptoms of mild increased intracranial pressure?

Mild???? There may be no symptoms of mild increased intracranial pressure. And how do you know it is mild? I'm not sure what mild increased intracranial pressure is because increased pressure is increased pressure. Increased pressure is not good. Symptoms may be headache, visual loss, dizziness, weakness, delerium, confusion, and many others. Read more...