If eggs make my stomach hurt, am I allergic to them?

Possibly. This may be an allergy, if it is reliable (always occurs when you eat the same amount of eggs cooked the same way), if the onset is fairly rapid (usually within two hours of ingestion), and if you have signs of sensitization on testing. There are many causes of belly pain though. An allergist can help you sort it out.
Maybe. Most people who are egg allergic get itchy rashes known as hives. But some get other symptoms like swelling, wheezing, etc. And some people have stomache symptoms. It could be something else, but it is worth getting tested.

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I am allergic to eggs and all products made by eggs...It gives me severe stomach ache. What should I do to cure it permanently?

No Cure. Allergies cannot be cured. Some less severe allergies can be overcome through gradual desensitisation (exposure to diluted version to build tolerance). That said, a stomach ache may not be a true allergy & may be caused by something else. Have you been tested for allergies and been told you are allergic or do you think you are allergic because it causes stomach ache? See md for true diagnosis. Read more...