Is a HSG test effective for infertility treatment?

No, it is a diagnostic test often used to determine the cause of infertility. Some studies show an increased chance of pregnancy within the first few months after an HSG.
Good diagnostic test. The hysterosalpingogram/ hsg test is the best non-surgical way to check that the fallopian tubes are open, and are normal width & not swollen. It's a good screening test that can pick up polyps or fibroids inside the uterus. Sometimes we see evidence of scarring around the tubes. It's an important fertility test to do before treatment. Some get pregnant after hsg but not really treatment by itself.
Diagnostic test. An hsg is more of a diagnostic test. Rather than a tretment. It will access the uterine cavity and if the tubes are open.
No. The conclusion from the best clinical studies we have is a big 'no, ' it's a useful test but not a treatment. There are anecdotes about women conceiving right after hsg, and i personally can think of more than 5 patients i've had this happen with - but no quality evidence supports the notion of treatment.

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Is a HSG test an infertility treatment?

Sort of ... The hsg is an x-ray test performed by gently pushing contrast through the tubes to see if they are open or blocked. Some studies have shown an increase in pregnancy after the test but usually with a type of contrast that we do not use much anymore. Depending on your situation, you could try to conceive for a few months after the test. Mostly, we just push ahead. Best wishes. Read more...
No. Fertility test. The hsg (hysterosalpingogram) is usually done as a fertility diagnostic test. You can still try to conceive the same month as you do the test - some get pregnant after hsg but it's not effective enough to call it fertility treatment. The hsg checks that both tubes are open, looks for problems inside your uterus like polyps or fibroids, and may find scar tissue inside the uterus or around the tubes. Read more...
No, it is a diagnostic test often used to determine the cause of infertility(e.g. blocked tubes). However, some studies do show an increased chance of pregnancy within the first 3 months after an HSG. Read more...