I'm devestated, I can't get pregnant. Is there some counseling?

Yes! Many board certified cognitive behavioral therapists specialize in women's issues. If you are feeling well enough I would recommend asking your OB/GYN for any recommendations and pursuing the options. I wish you well.
Yes. There are many support groups and counsellors available to help you. See if your local hospital has a social services department and ask them who they refer to. If not available, any licensed counsellor should be able to guide you in the right direction.
ABSOLUTELY. In addition to whatever help your OBGYN can give you for the organic reasons you cannot get pregnant, find a reputable psychotherapist who specializes in family or reproductive issues. One thought to keep in mind: ask yourself, is it your fault you cannot get pregnant? Likely it is most certainly not, as you did not choose to have any psychological or physical reason. Do not be self-punitive.