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Will long term use of birth control pills can affect your ability to conceive?

No long term effect. While it is known that birth control pills cause temporary infertility, but there are no long term effect on fertility and conception.

Do you believe long term use of birth control pills can affect your ability to conceive or is it just age?

No evidence of this. Anecdotally there are people who claim infertility due to prolonged contraceptive use. I can't say there are any definitive, controlled clinical studies that suggest or confirm this claim.

Is there a possibility that I have difficulty to conceive from taking birth control pills?

Usually not. Taking birth control pills will not change your fertility once you stop them. You'll remain as fertile as before & if you've never had children, this is still unknown. Take extra Folic Acid if trying to conceive, see your doc if you have concerns. & oh yeah, stop your pills if you're trying to get pregnant.

Can there be a possibility that I have difficulty to conceive after taking birth control pills?

No. Many years ago, doctors believed that the birth control pill might delay the return of ovulation, but the low-dose pills that are prescribed today do not delay ovulation after being stopped. Additionally, it has been shown that bcps actually protect fertility by preventing pelvic problems such as ovarian cysts, heavy periods, etc.
Easy on & off. Birth control pills have a very short effect and are out of your system in days. So fertility returns right away. In addition there are other benefits from long term use as mentioned including lighter periods, reduced rate of anemia, less cramps, less acne, less ovarian cysts, and reduced rates of ovarian and uterine cancer even many years later.

D you still have a chance to conceive whien you have used birth control pills for the past 6 months?

Yes. Even with optimal use there is a 0.1-8.0% risk of undesired pregnancy on oral contraceptive pills (ocps). Ocps are completely reversible contraceptives, meaning that once you desire a pregnancy you can stop them and anticipate normal fertility for your age to follow within a few weeks.

Can u conceive without having a period? I'm currently taking birth control pills to help gain my period back since it has been missing for 6 months...

See details. You should not be taking birth control pills to help gain your period back. If you missed your menstrual cycle for 6 months, you need to have a thorough history, physical, and hormonal testing at the very least. There might be a significant abnormality that will prevent you from conceiving. Without a proper evaluation, there's no way to determine this. See your gynecologist.
Unlikely. Obviously on the BC pills you cannot conceive. And if you go off the pill and stop getting periods that usually means you are not ovulating. There is no way to get pregnant without ovulating. If that's the case then you should see an infertility specialist who can figure out why you're not ovulating and give medication to help with that.

Does sperm potency effect the efficiency of birth control pills? My boyfriend is 25 and his first child was conceived on BC w/ his ex so I am curious.

Probably not. Because birth control pills prevent ovulation, which in turn prevents pregnancy. More likely, the pill failed to prevent ovulation in the woman.