What's the best method of getting yourself into a good early bedtime ritual routine?

Sleep Hygiene. Go to bed and get up at the same time. Create a bedtime ritual -- warm showers, room should be on slightly cooler side; no tv in the bedroom; no caffeinated drinks; no heavy meals before bed, just light snack if hungry; practice relaxation, stress management.
Rest/sleep routine. Best way tp create sleeping routine is to avoid watchong tv or being on line at night.
Get up earlier . . . You'll get sleepy earlier. According to sleep researchers, it's helpful to create a "sleep sanctuary." use your bedroom for sleep, intimacy, and restful activities. It's ok to read a book (old school--meaning not on an electronic device) or meditate. But it's best to banish all electronic devices (tv, smart phone, etc.). And, keep the room cool and very dark-avoid pinpoints of light from devices.