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I don't know what's wrong with my knee. It sometimes hurts to walk. It becomes stiff sometimes. But sometimes it's ok. Torn meniscus maybe? Hope not.

Knee pain. You may have a meniscus tear in your knee. This is the lining of the joint. Sometimes a little piece gets caught and causes pain and stiffness, then it releases and everything is fine. I suggest you start with seeing your regular doctor and go from there.
Meniscus don't cuss. Pretty much as classic description of a meniscus tear. But, to remove all doubt, you will need a consultation with a a specialist or even a family physician first.

Have torn meniscus was advised but trainer at health club that I could walk on treadmill if I raised the incline to. 5. Not good to walk on flat tread?

Torn meniscus. With any meniscal tear, avoiding activities which increase pressure on the knee (and can possibly increase the amount of meniscal tearing) such as kneeling, squatting, crawling, crouching, pivoting, running, jumping. Is helpful. Walking on the flat or with a small incline is typically okay..

My mother had an arthroscopy torn meniscus a month ago but she still unable to walk for more than 5 mintues without pain she can't bend as well?

Postsurgical pain. Arthroscopic surgery is not without risk and one of those risks is pain and possible some instability thus, it is important to have physical therapy and have pain managed. The other issue is eliminating that underlying cause of tore meniscus which usually is degenerative and then obesity.