I have high functioning autism but I feel an urge to make weird sounds? Is there a drug for that?

Tics. You have a good amount of insight into your condition! It is not unusual for kids and adults with HF Autism to make unusual sounds, and have repetitive movements. Whether to treat depends on the amount that these behaviors and urges are affecting you socially. See a good cognitive behavior therapist for starters and see if you can work towards suppressing the behaviors. Meds may follow.
Possibilities are. It's a compulsion, vocal tic or stereotypy, that probably increases when you're anxious. Usually it can be treated with Clonidine or long-acting guanfacine, but it sometimes requires neuroleptics. If your cognitive ability is in the "average" range or above & your receptive & expressive language abilities are also good, cognitive-behavioral therapy or specific habit-reversal therapy may help.
Tics. You may have vocal tics. Tics can be treated with medications such as knifing or guanefacine.
Maybe. Some drugs might help with impulse control, but they can come with unwanted side effects. If you can already recognize these urges a good behavioral therapist might help you better learn to control them without drugs.
Tic disorder. It is called verbal tic, very common with Dopamine dysregulatoon and responds to any atypical which suits u , ask your psychiatrist to give u a trial of a newer atypical with least se and see if your body tolerates . We will have genopharmacology available for everyone soon so we will know who will need what for now we have trial and error.