What do you think of this super-itchy arms rash? Could it be poison oak?

Cannot see the pic. Typically a reactions such as poison oak will occur on the skin after the touch in that area with the offending agent, if you have been sensitized to that allergen.

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Found this really itchy rash on my back and theres a little on my stomach? What does poison oak look like?

Poison oak. Poison oak rashes usually feel burning rather than itchy. They r also more likely to be on exposed areas, like the arms or legs. See ur doctor for the rash. It may not be poison oak.

My teenage son has poison oak. What can I do to relieve his symptoms? (itchy, redness, rash)

Steroids are needed. Steroids are needed for poison oak or poison ivy. A doctor will prescribe them after confirming that the rash is really the poison oak type. For bad rashes, oral steroids for several days are use (prednisone, prednisolone). For very mild rashes, creams can be used. A daily aveeno oatmeal bath may help. Claritin or zyrtec each morning, plus a single Benadryl (diphenhydramine) at bedtime, can cut down itching.
Poison oak. If you have a moderate to severe rash, you may need to see your doctor. He or she may prescribe corticosteroid pills. These medicines may help improve or clear up the rash more quickly. Prescription corticosteroid creams, ointments, gels, or shots may also be used.

Hi, I just applied topicort (0.05%) to a poison oak rash on my arms. How long until I can safely breastfeed my baby?

Stays on skin. You can breastfeed your baby right away as long as your rash does not come in contact with the baby. The poison oak toxin sticks tenaciously to your skin, and the most important thing is to remove it so you don't spread the rash by direct contact with your baby. Scrub your affected skin with "Tecnu" or other soap designed to remove poison oak from your skin. Don't let the rash touch the baby.