Could this stomach ache be intestinal worms?

Stomach Worms? The stomach is not typically involved by worms. Lack of stomach acid, inability to digest proteins, stress, organisms such as h. Pylori, gall bladder disease, ulcers just to name a few can cause stomach pains. Worms are not likely, but should be ruled-out if the pain doesn't go away.

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What can cause a stomach ache during bowel prep?

Cramping. Intestinal pressure or cramping feelings can be common, especially if constipated or if one tends to have an irritable bowel condition. If pain is severe or associated with vomiting contact your doctor.

My husbands bowel movements are liquid and he has stomach aches. What should he take?

OTC remedies... If your husbands symptoms have been long-standing i.e. Greater than 2 weeks duration he should see a doctor. If more recent onset then he should try otc remedies like pepto-bismol or Imodium (loperamide) ad. Also, he might want to restrict milk and ice cream as well as high fiber foods such as raw fruits and vegetables till the symptoms improve.

I have been suffering for 2 month, dr said its twisted bowel and give me pills for relief of stomach ache, doesn't work, I think its too late?

U may need surgery. Twisted bowel is an emergency if the intestines become obstructed. I recommend you have a ct scan.
Need Definitive Dx. "twisted bowel" usually refers to a small bowel obstruction, a diagnosis that can only be made by history (vomiting, pain, no flatus or bm) exam (distention), and x-ray; with few exceptions, this requires hospitalization & possible surgery. If this does not go along with your clinical picture, I would search for an alternate diagnosis--perhaps a second opinion would be a good idea?

I have irregular bowel movements and I get very harsh pain stomach aches which make gurgling sounds which bubble loudly. I feel very nauseous.

GI Issues. Sounds like you may have some constipation, maybe with underlying IBS, (but that is a diagnosis of exclusion). At 17, you should not be dealing with this issue, so hopefully if you get in to se the Dr. They can get you some testing and treatment to help you. Good luck. (In the mean time, try changing your diet to increasing fruits/veggies and fiber).

My testicle become swollen and almost recede into my body after bowel movement. Also stomach aches for an hour or more. Need help to this problem.

Retractile testes? Need to know age for potential risk factors. Not uncommon to have a retractile testes that ascends to the lower inguinal region. However if there is a degree of swelling and pain in the testes we want to exclude intermittent testicular torsion. Please see your primary care physician or a urologist.