How much does it cost to get tested for a learning disability that is mild?

To get tested. To get tested for a learning disabilty mild or severe you need to find two or three good psychologists in your area who do this work regularly and ask them. The mildness ofmthe disability does not mean it will cost les it could cost more. Mild ld may be harder to pinpoint and may take more time to find. A related question is why are your trying to find this ld? What difficulty does it present?
Free. If your child has a learning disability, then the first place to look for help is your pediatrician & school. If you're not sure, talk to the child's teachers to get an idea of the severity (or presence) of problems. Your school may offer a child study team evaluation that looks at learning, psychoeducational & social parameters in a student. Testing is provided at no out of pocket cost.