Does a pain management doctor specialize in opiate medication or what else?

More than just meds. Pain management doctor utilizes different approaches for pain. It might include accupunture, physical therapy, medication, injections .... Interventional pain management doctor has additional training in interventions such as nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, spinal cord stimulation .....
Pain Management . Pain management doctors specialize in just that, managing the pain. There are many techniques and treatment options. Medications management is only one. The problem with the speciality is that any doctor and call themselves a "pain management specialist." do your research. Pain management should be comprehensive and not just about medications or injections only.
Some do. Most pain management mds are anesthesiologists so they are well suited and trained to manage pain, both acute and chronic. Some do treat addiction and have trained in addiction medicine and or taken the training necessary for obtaining the "waiver" required to prescribe suboxone.