How can I reduce the number of asthma attacks I'm having?

Allergens & Meds. The best way to decrease asthma attacks is to reduce breathing tube irritability. This is achieved by taking controller medications (inhaled corticosteroids or oral leukotriene antagonists) daily or more as prescribed by your doctor. If you are allergic reduce or eliminate exposure to dust mite, animal dander & molds. Avoid cigarette smoke & indoor & outdoor pollution. Take omega-3 & vitamin d.
Control inflammation. Asthma is defined as inflammation in the airways; more asthma attacks means more inflammation. To decrease flareups, find out what triggers your asthma (allergies, infections, acid reflux, irritants, etc.) and avoid these as much as possible. You may also need medication that specifically targets inflammation; stay on this as prescribed to keep asthma under control. See your doctor regularly too.
See A Specialist. Seeing an allergy and asthma specialist can really help. They can make sure you are on the correct medications at the correct dosages. Also, they ca allergy test you and help, you find out specifically what allergens to avoid, or even do allergy shots to desensitize you and that can cure your asthma.
See an allergist. By seeing an allergist, you can confirm that you truly have asthma and determine your triggers. Then, treatment can include: 1. Avoidance measures depending on your allergies 2. Medications, including variety or inhalers or other medications 3. Allergy injections.
Treatments... Treatments for asthma exacerbation includes bronchodilator and steroid inhalers. If your asthma has suddenly worsened, you need to be evaluated by your doctor to determine the etiology of the acute change in your condition. Once this is determined, more specific therapy can be rendered.