How can you prevent asthma?

Control inflammation. Asthma is an inflammatory condition caused by genetic & environmental factors. Avoiding allergens (dust mites, pet dander, mold) & irritants (smoke) can decrease the likelihood of developing asthma. Once diagnosed, avoiding these can also help as well as staying on controller medications that keep inflammation from triggering an attack. Regular visits with an asthma specialist can also help.
Control. Prevention and long-term control includes avoiding triggers of asthma, such as allergens, smoking and infections. Sometimes daily medicines such as inhaled bronchodilators, steroids, or oral leukotriene inhibitors singularly or in combination are necessary to prevent asthma.For this type of therapy, consult your doctor.
Avoid triggers... To avoid an asthma exacerbation, one needs to avoid known triggers whenever possible. But, there are triggers that are difficult to avoid completely, like high pollen counts. Your doctor can help determine what your particular triggers are and help with avoidance when possible.

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How can you prevent the asthma attack?

Preventive therapy. The best strategy to prevent asthma attacks is to use an anti-inflammatory medicine on a daily basis as preventive therapy. It will help suppress airway inflammation (which is the root cause of asthma) & prevent symptoms worsening to the point where you have an asthma attack. There is a wide spectrum of asthma severity & you may need different strength of meds based on yr symptoms & pfts. Read more...